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Best Bars in Valletta

Valletta by night is a marvellous experience. The city streets take on a warm, golden tone and the sounds of joyful chatter fill the air. In recent years, the capital has undergone a regeneration and is now one of the most popular destinations for nightlife in Malta. Here are some of the best Valletta bars...

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Siege Bell War Memorial

Malta History and Culture During the War

The courage and valour shown by the Maltese Islands during the Second World War has been immortalised in their history. But the truth is that the Islands have been subject to battle and conflict long before 1939. Throughout the past, many rulers sought to gain control over the Maltese Islands due to their strategic geographical...

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Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart Stays at Rosselli – AX Privilege

Last November, the 21-year-old Australian top model, Madeline Stuart, stayed at the first 5-star hotel in Valletta during her trip to Malta. Madeline was hosted in the luxurious Sixteen 34 Suite, the crown jewel of the renovated 17th century Palazzo on Merchants Street, Valletta. During her stay, Madeline was busy attending press conferences and walking...

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Aldo Aldini

Aldo Aldini Reads Guests’ Minds

On Friday, 15th November, the Italian Mentalist Aldo Aldini provided an entertaining show for guests staying at Rosselli – AX Privilege. Guests were seated in the lobby of Rosselli with a drink in hand, as Mr Aldini performed a number of impressive, even shocking, acts in front of his audience.

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Classical Music

The International Spring Orchestra Festival

If you have an ear for classical music and an eye for Baroque art, there’s no better place to be than in Valletta for the International Spring Orchestra Festival 2020. Bringing together musicians, composers and artists from all over the world for a celebration of music in the heart of the Mediterranean, this festival gives...

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Rosselli - AX Privilege - Beyond the Folds Event

Between the Folds: Giving Plastic a New Life

Rosselli – AX Privilege will be hosting an extravagant and stylish exhibition for the public’s enjoyment. On Wednesday the 20th of November 2019 at 19.00hrs, James Dimech will be presenting an annual exhibition of wearable art he designed and created, titled: Between the Folds: Giving Plastic a New Life.

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Manoel Theatre

The Manoel Theatre in Valletta

Situated on Old Theatre Street in Valletta, The Manoel Theatre is one of the city’s many beloved treasures – a beautifully adorned Baroque theatre built by the Knights of St John, and one of the oldest running theatres in Europe!

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Casino Maltese, Malta

The Maltex Philatelic Exhibition and Collector’s Fair

The Maltex Philatelic Exhibition and Collector’s Fair, organised by MaltaPost, will be held at the Casino Maltese in Valletta. The event will exhibit some of the finest philately collection on the island, as well as some belonging to private collectors. If you’re staying in Valletta between the 22nd and 24th October, don’t miss the unique...

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