It is Our Privilege To Serve You

Rosselli’s Magic in the City


It is my honour to escort you through Rosselli. We pride ourselves in knowing that this is where you will find the luxury and elegance of by-gone times in the heart of the historic Baroque city of Valletta. As I will have the opportunity to show you, we have designed Rosselli as a serene, exclusive and indulgent niche in the heart of a busy capital.


Something to know about this palazzo is that Casa Rosselli-Massa, the beating heart of this hotel for the discerning, carries on the tradition instituted by its original owner. Rosselli, the avant-garde goldsmith and philantropist, was also a great upholder of traditional values. He was, by 17th Century standards, a new man. In marrying Alusietta, from the established Massa family, he took his contemporary perspective and infused it with the more traditional approach.


I see this delicate dance still alive in the way AX Hotels gave new life to this venerable noble lady. Immersed in a totally designer concept, the dual facets of contemporary and traditional feature strongly in the eclectic fusion of styles which show what a cross-cultural melting pot Malta really is. In Rosselli – AX Privilege, as your personal butler, I will help to give you a true taste of Malta – a feast for the senses.


Rosselli is located in a house which has defied time itself, whose very stones whisper love, intrigue, passion and excitement. Time stands still here at Rosselli and we will go to all the lengths necessary to make your stay memorable. With luxury rooms in Valletta that can guarantee a deluxe experience and myself to guide you throughout this journey, you will find everything that you need, and more, here at Rosselli. Indeed, I will be at your beck and call to anticipate your every request.


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Sybaritic Splendour

Rosselli has six unique designer room categories all centred around historical detail. I will help you discover it and, as all good things go, they need to be savoured slowly and deeply. From the splendidly extravagant one-of-a-kind Sixteen 34 Suite for a memorable stay in the city to the sumptuous rooms that range from the boldly aesthetic to a delicate and soothing atmosphere, I can guarantee you a remarkable stay.



Prominent Facilities

Here at Rosselli, you will find comfort wherever you decide to visit in the hotel. Whether it’s the rooftop bar, the relaxing lounge area, our exceptional restaurant or the spa and wellness features in some of the rooms, I will be there waiting for you, to ensure that you experience an exceptional stay. All our luxury facilities will be at your fingertips, because to me, you are all that matters.



At Your Service

Beautiful and charming as it is, Rosselli is just the background. For us all, you are the most important asset. I will give you not just what you are used to, not just what you deserve, but I will assist you throughout all that you need. You can expect luxury services at its best here at Rosselli.


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