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Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and there is no truer maxim. It is the way we treat ourselves and enjoy our time in good company and cheer. Dining out is a ritual that the Maltese have perfected. Testimony to this is the sheer number of restaurants dotting the Island. But there is one restaurant that stands out from the noise, to offer an unrivalled, exceptional dining experience.


The Concept

Inspired by the tailors of old whose workshops were located on Merchants’ Street, a few paces away from Rosselli, our restaurant was given the name of Grain. Like a tailor, the chef is skilful with his hands, and his artistry in reflected in the finished product. When cutting fabric, a tailor cuts along the grain to make sure the material does not fray – in the same way in which the chef works with grain to produce dishes that are unique and exquisite in taste and presentation. Both crafts need skill and the best raw materials for a truly unique experience of the highest quality, where attention to detail is crucial.

The interior design of the restaurant showcases details from the tailoring profession like sewing machines and old portraits of Maltese tailors. From the design of the menu that features a sewing pattern, to the use of tailor’s calk to mark your chosen dishes, the bill that comes pinned to a pin cushion and the circular wall lights reminiscent of thread spools, no effort has been spared to elevate our patrons’ dinner into an immersive experience. What’s left is to book your table in one of our intimate spots and indulge in our culinary journey.

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Under Grain


Our flagship haute cuisine restaurant Under Grain, one of the first of only five restaurants to clinch a Michelin Star on the Island, promises you a refined dining experience where the food is matched equally by designer ambience and service excellence, for an all-round experience.

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Under Grain Michelin 2021
Rosselli - AX Privilege - Tailored Restaurant

Grain Street


An alternative to fine dining is Grain Street, a fashionable and convivial eatery with flavour-loaded plates to enjoy in any order you wish, whether dining solo or in good company. Watch the ebb and flow of Valletta life pass you by as you tuck into a colourful, appetising spread of authentic dishes designed to raise the spirit and satiate the senses. With a rich variety of vino at your disposal, you can look forward to distinctive, characterful, and stimulating pairings to accompany each dish.

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Over Grain


As an innovative, exclusive and luxurious space set on the rooftop of the five-star AX Rosselli, Over Grain is where connoisseurs of refined al fresco culture can leave the crowds behind, float above the skyline and discover a higher state of unwind. With uninterrupted views of Valletta’s classic rooftops and Sliema’s skyline across the harbour, Over Grain showcases the timeless beauty of the city in an entirely new light, and gives seekers of uplifting new experiences a place in the clouds to gather.

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Rosselli AX Privilege_Grain_Over Grain
Grain Bar



The bar area at Grain is a striking space where you can relax before you head out for the evening, or before you sit at one of our tables especially reserved for you and your guests. Order your signature drink or let our mixologist recommend a cocktail. Sit back in our alluring deco and make the most out of your time at Rosselli – AX Privilege.

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Our private room, designed with a separate entrance accessed only from St. Christopher Street, is ideal for corporate and executive meetings combined with lunch or dinner. On the other hand, if you and your family plan to share a special moment all together in a dedicated space, our private room at Grain is the ideal venue. Pre-booking is required.

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Grain Private room