The Concept behind Grain


When cutting fabric, a tailor cuts with the grain to make sure the material does not fray. This also ensures the garment created from this fabric continues to wear well. A tailor may be in possession of high quality materials and equipment, but without the necessary skills, that fabric as well as the garment created will be ruined.

When we took the decision to open this restaurant we wanted to pay respect to the ingredients that are fundamental to producing a high quality dish. Yet, in an era of companies looking to automate and possibly bypass human intervention, we also wanted to honour the marvelous skill sets that we have as a human race.

We chose the theme of a tailor because we found several analogies with the restaurant world. We source the best possible materials to make sure our end result is of the highest quality, we both use several tools to achieve this, we have several process that we need to undertake to arrive to the end result, and we do this with the single aim of giving our guests the best possible experience.

Our greatest analogy though is the importance of the skilled people that are working to deliver this experience. Just like a tailor and his team, our people must be skilled to make the best use of the ingredients and the equipment that we have. Cutting fabric with the grain is a detail, and when we entertain our guests, whatever we do, it is this detail that we are after.

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Rosselli - AX Privilege - Tailored Restaurant

Grain Street

Take my word for it, whatever you eat at Rosselli – AX Privilege, it’s always special. From haute cuisine to gastro-bistrot and Al Fresco dining, Rosselli’s restaurant Grain guarantees the best quality produce, infused with that unique Mediterranean flavour which makes your palate sing. Chef and I will make sure that every ingredient is lovingly tailored to bring out the best possible in the dish which you have requested. Our chefs are culinary poets, of that you can be sure.

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Under Grain

Immerse yourself into an environment of informal luxury. Our menu is concise but is assured to be of the highest quality and curation. The formal training from our kitchen brigade is a classic one, and to a certain extent, we also feel good honouring the more classical type of service at Under Grain, one of the very first MICHELIN star restaurants in Malta.

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Rosselli AX Privilege Grain Over Grain Michelin Star Restaurant in Valletta
Grain Bar


The Bar in Grain welcomes you with a relaxing atmosphere. Order your signature drink, sit back and make the most out of your time at Rosselli – AX Privilege.

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Guests who would like to dine in full privacy can make use from our private room at Grain, that has a separate entrance and needs to be pre-booked.

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Grain Private room