The Maltex Philatelic Exhibition and Collector’s Fair

An annual philately event at the Casino Maltese


Malta’s philatelic tradition is as rich and varied as the islands’ history. Being strategically located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has been a home and strong trading post for many different civilisations throughout its 7000 year history.


The Maltex Philatelic Exhibition and Collector’s Fair, organised by MaltaPost, will be held at the Casino Maltese in Valletta. The event will exhibit some of the finest philately collection on the island, as well as some belonging to private collectors. If you’re staying in Valletta don’t miss the unique philately exhibition at Casino Maltese!


History of Maltese Stamps

Philately in Malta dates back to the 1860s. With such a strong mixture of cultures characterising the islands’ past, Maltese stamps have become renowned for their unique depictions of multiple themes, including history, architecture, maritime, flora and fauna. Nowadays, being an independent sovereign nation and a member of the European Union and the Commonwealth, many Maltese stamps are reproductions of local artists and these are highly sought after by local and international philatelists.

Malta Stamps

About the Casino Maltese

The Casino Maltese is a social club that was created in 1852. The building was built by the Knights of St John, originally used as an accounting branch. Throughout its history, the Casino Maltese has hosted royals and noteworthy personalities, including Queen Elizabeth II when she was still a princess, and renowned poet and writer, Samuel T. Coleridge. From 1906 to date, the premises have been occupied by the Casino Maltese, and modifications have been made to turn it into a social club.


The Maltex Philatelic Exhibition and Collector’s Fair attracts crowds from Malta and beyond for its annual exhibition and the Casino Maltese. Visitors can experience the stunning setting of Casino Maltese, while exploring the philately collections on display at the venue.

Casino Maltese, Malta

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Photo Credits go to Casino Maltese & Malta Philately