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A Festive Thread

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Just as a garment would not function without thread, we at Grain believe every small detail matters in the making of our dishes. With the festive season fast approaching, choosing the ideal venue for your celebrations is of the utmost importance. Feast on our culinary options curated just for you, while immersing yourself in the festive ambience with your loved ones.


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To Start

Mushroom & Chestnut velouté, black truffle palmiers


Lasagna “Bianca”, pancetta, chicken & parmesan


To Follow

Baked Norwegian salmon cooked in seaweed butter, sauce maltaise


Slow cooked rump of black angus beef, Jerusalem artichokes & hazelnuts

All mains are accompanied by potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


To Finish

Pear & brown butter tart, Christmas pudding ice cream.


Coffee and Petit Fours


Adults: €32 per person

Beverage Package:
½ bottle of mineral water & ½ bottle of wine
a€12.00 per person


Kindly inform us if you have any dietary requirements or if you suffer from any food allergies.
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  …And don’t forget, you are always welcome to spend the night at Rosselli!

♦ Offer Valid for Festive Season 2019