Malta’s Prime Minister Opens Doors to Valletta’s First 5-Star Hotel

€15 million investment towards a luxury tourism market


On Thursday, 12th September 2019, the Honourable Prime Minister of Malta, Dr Joseph Muscat, officially opened the doors to Valletta’s first 5-star luxury hotel, Rosselli – AX Privilege. Dr Muscat was among 700 distinguished guests attending the inauguration of AX Group’s latest cutting-edge project, which took place in Merchants Street, Valletta.


Dr Muscat was invited to give his speech about Rosselli, in which he welcomed the €15 million investment by AX Group as a step towards attracting a new market of luxury travellers to Valletta.


Dr Muscat expressed that now, with hotels such as Rosselli, Valletta is offering an elevated product to a niche of visitors looking for high-quality travel experiences. This innovation promises further steady growth within the well-established tourism industry.


As guests began to arrive, they made their way down the midnight blue carpet – Rosselli’s signature colour – towards the building’s beautifully-lit façade. A string of candles lined the carpet, and the guests stopped to have their picture taken before receiving a glass of fruit-infused prosecco.


Soon after the Honourable Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat and his wife, Mrs Michelle Muscat, arrived at the opening, a trio of sopranos welcomed attendees to the grand opening of the hotel. The lead soprano introduced himself as Mr Pietro Rosselli – the original owner of the 17th century Palazzo that now houses Rosselli – and articulately explained the building’s history. A visual projection on the meticulously restored façade of the building complemented the sopranos’ narrative. At the bottom end of Merchants Street, musicians played classical and jazz tunes, which tied in well with the aristocratic atmosphere that the event exuded.


Dr Muscat explained that the investments made by the private sector are being given full support, as the government is taking measures to improve the islands’ infrastructure. This includes investments in Air Malta, which plays a crucial role in the tourism sector, as well as road planning for improved travel experiences.


Dr Muscat also agreed to follow up on the suggestion made by Mr Angelo Xuereb, Chairman of AX Group, to set up a specialised Board for the planning of buildings within Valletta and the Three Cities.


Following his speech, Dr Muscat opened the doors to the hotel, and was given a tour around the building by the AX Group Chairman, Hospitality Director, General Managers and other members of the Xuereb family.