Architects Seize the Award for Hospitality Tourism Accommodation and Leisure

Rosselli’s architecture by Forward Architects was one of 2019’s best architecture and design projects.


Some of Malta’s best architectural firms, interior designers, civil engineers and architects were recognised for their talent and hard work at the start of 2020. Forward Architects, Rosselli – AX Privilege’s very own architects, were one of these fine contenders, winning the award for Hospitality Tourism Accommodation and Leisure for the design of the hotel. The project was awarded for its design excellence, highlighting the creative and sophisticated interior spaces, rehabilitation and reuse of a palatial building in Valletta.


Forward Architects, among other nominees, were awarded at the Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning Awards 2019, organised by the Planning Authority under the patronage of President Geroge Vella.


Rosselli’s architecture moves away from the stiffness that is commonly associated with local hotels. This 5-star hotel in Valletta moves towards an evocative sophisticated approach. Its design will withstand the test of time and ignores traditional trends, but instead, is suspended in time.


The hotel has a beautiful baroque design, high ceilings and perfect symmetry which makes it the perfect stage for a memorable #AXperience.


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