Rosselli – AX Privilege Hotel Makes Headlines!

The word on everyone’s Lips…


Following its official opening on Thursday, 12th September, 2019, Malta has been buzzing with talk about Valletta’s first 5-star luxury hotel, Rosselli – AX Privilege. The grand opening, which took place outside the hotel on Merchants Street, was a spectacular event; live classical music filled the street, sopranos performed on the traditional balconies of the hotel, and exquisite food and drinks were provided by none other than AX Events outdoor caterers! Fireworks lit up the sky above and a string of candles lined the street leading up to the hotel, setting the scene for an evening to remember.


Notable Mentions by Malta’s Top Media Outlets!

With a crowd of over 700 people in attendance – including the Honourable Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, the Mayor of Valletta, and distinguished guests – we’re not surprised that everybody has been talking about the grand opening! Malta’s leading media outlets have all given a special mention to the special event.

Rosselli - AX Privilege - Times of Malta Article

The islands’ leading news outlets – were among the first to mention the opening of Valletta’s first 5-star hotel, paying particular attention to AX Group Chairman Mr Angelo Xuereb’s plan for the regeneration of Valletta. Among these news outlets were The Times of Malta, the Malta Independent, Malta Today, Newsbook, One News, TVM and Lovin Malta.

“As the seventh and latest addition to the AX Hotels chain, the project involved a €15 million investment in the restoration and development of a 17th century Palazzo into a luxury hotel housing 25 designer suites, all part of the AX Designer Collection, and three dining venues,” they said.

Rosselli - AX Privilege - Malta Today Article

Lovin Malta, one of the island’s most popular websites, wrote about the former 17th Century Palazzo that has turned into Valletta’s first 5-star hotel:

“The hotel’s architecture still incorporates the classical lines of Renaissance architecture and the more florid early Baroque styles, resulting in a fine and distinguished finish to the hotel that we see today.”

Rosselli - AX Privilege - Lovin Malta Article

The Maltese-speaking audiences were also kept in the loop, with local broadcast news channels featuring the opening of the hotel on their platforms.

Rosselli - AX Privilege - One News Article

Newsbook and TVM were also among the local news platforms that featured the opening of Rosselli, including a video that shows the stunning transformation of the building, from a 17th century baroque Palazzo to a luxury boutique hotel.

“An old palazzo in Merchants Street has been restored by the AX Group as part of a 15 million euro project over a two-and-a-half year span for the building to be transformed into a luxury five-star hotel named the Rosselli, this being the surname of the family who had lived in this palace in the mid-17th century,” TVM wrote.

Rosselli - AX Privilege - TVM Article

Quoting Mrs Claire Zammit Xuereb – Group Hospitality Director of AX Hotels – Newsbook, a popular local media site, wrote: “With Rosselli, we sought to create a 5-star hotel with a difference in order to complement the progress and development that is taking place in Valletta today. Our aim is not to sell rooms, but to add value to the city of Valletta and elevate Malta’s potential to tap into new international markets.”

Rosselli - AX Privilege - News Book Article

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Photo Credits go to Lovin Malta, Times of Malta, Malta Today, One News. News Book & TVM